A01: Advanced standing


Policy #: A01 Responsible authority: Academic Standards and Learning Development Approval authority: Canadian Police College Executive Director Approval date: Fall 2015


Advanced standing is recognition awarded to a participant which enables direct entry to an advanced course. It is based on the assumption that previous education and/or experiential learning provided an overall equivalency to an advanced course. The decision to grant the equivalency will be at the discretion of the course instructor and the unit manager.


  1. Advanced standing will be granted, prior to registration, to a participant who provides official transcripts and/or demonstrates prior learning achievements which are equivalent to the learning requirements in one or more levels of a prescribed curriculum.
  2. A review of past transcripts of program and/or course information, and/or an evaluation of prior learning will be required.
  3. The course instructor may decide to submit an exam to the requesting participant to confirm prior knowledge.

Procedures, roles and responsibilities

  1. An applicant wishing to be considered for advanced standing in a course must formally request an assessment prior to the registration to a course. Official transcripts and other relevant documents (normally, course outlines) may be requested as proof.
  2. If the request for advanced standing is dependent upon an evaluation of prior learning, the applicant will be referred to the course instructor.
  3. The course instructor will determine whether the participant qualifies for the advanced course.
  4. The applicants will be notified in writing of the decision and a copy of the decision will be kept on file.
  5. Time period for the validity of the granted advance standing should be no longer than one year

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