A02: Course requirements – after hours


Policy #: A02
Responsible authority: Academic Standards and Learning Development
Approval authority: Canadian Police College Executive Director
Approval date: Spring 2016


The Canadian Police College provides advanced and specialized training to law enforcement agencies across Canada and Internationally. Our training is geared towards providing the participants with the highest quality learning opportunity possible.

All CPC courses have an approved course design document which articulates the course logistics, learning objectives, evaluation methods, and pre-course requisites which must be successfully completed to entitle a participant to certification upon completion of the course.

Due to the nature and structure of some courses and their learning requirements, participants are expected to study, conduct additional research, and work on assignments after regular class hours.

The goal of this Directive is to ensure that clear expectations in regards to course load requirements are clearly articulated to all its participants prior and during the course.


  1. Participants must complete all required pre-course material before officially starting the course.
  2. A participant who does not complete the required pre-course work will be assessed on an individual basis by the course instructor prior to the start of the course on campus.
  3. Participants who have been given advance standing from completing the required pre-course work will be advised in writing by the course instructor and a letter will be added to the participant's record.
  4. The course fee includes the time required for the completion of the pre-course requirements and the assignments throughout the course.
  5. No overtime payment will be incurred by the Canadian Police College for the workload associated with its courses.
  6. International participants registered in a course at the CPC are subject to the same criteria as the national participants; unless their participation in the course is solely for the purposes of gathering information and observation.

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