A03: Attendance


Policy #: A03
Responsible authority: Academic Standards and Learning Development
Approval authority: Canadian Police College Executive Director
Approval date: Fall 2015


CPC requires that all participants registered in one of their courses attend all the lectures outlined in the course syllabus. Attendance contributes to the success of the participant in the completion of the course.


  1. Participants must attend all lectures, practical exercises, and Labs as outlined in the course syllabus.
  2. A participant who is unable to attend a class or part of a class due to illness, injury, or other compelling reason should contact the course instructor directly to advise them of the situation.
  3. Participants are expected to attend to meet all course requirements regardless of travel schedules and are encouraged to discuss travel schedules with their course instructor if a conflict is present.
  4. International participants registered in a course at CPC are subject to the same criteria as the national participants.
  5. If due to extenuating circumstances, a participant must withdraw from the course or miss parts of a course, the participant must advise the course instructor immediately. The course instructor in consultation with the Registrar and/or the Director of Police Sciences will determine the best course of action to assist the participant such as:
  6. Granting permission for the absence of a participant in a particular session of the course will be left to the discretion of the course instructor and/or unit manager.
  7. Decision rendered will be part of the participant's record.

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