A07: Transfer of academic credit (external)


Policy #: A07
Responsible authority: Academic Standards and Learning Development
Approval authority: Canadian Police College Executive Director
Approval date: Fall 2015


Formal recognition of learning attained in other educational institutions enhances equality
of educational opportunity, economic viability and geographic mobility. The transfer
process recognizes equivalency between formal educational courses and programs and
acceptance of shared responsibility in the evaluation of learning outcomes.


  1. Canadian Police College (CPC) will award transfer credit to participants for courses completed at other recognized post secondary institutions, on the basis that the learning objectives are equivalent and current to the courses of interest of study.
  2. Transfer credit will be recognized in the form of course exemptions.

Procedures, roles and responsibilities

  1. To receive exemptions for course(s) on the basis of external transfer of credit,
    participants are to submit a course transcripts and course outlines, to the Registrar's Office following their confirmation of attendance to a course.
  2. The Registrar's Office will maintain a table of recognized course equivalencies
    based on the approvals granted. The Registrar's Office will use this list to
    automatically process exemption applications within the terms of this Directive.
  3. Exemptions will be given a designation of "EX" on the transcript.
  4. All course exemptions must be approved by the course instructor in consultation with the unit manager (if required) and forwarded to the Registrar's Office.
  5. If upon review of the application it is determined that the participant's external credits over exceeds the selection criteria for the course, the course instructor can recommend advance standing for a more advance course (if available). Advanced standing form will then be required.

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