A12: Quality assurance program


Policy #: A12
Responsible authority: Academic Standards and Learning Development
Approval authority: Canadian Police College Executive Director
Approval date: Fall 2015


The purpose of this Directive is to provide a process for the ongoing and cyclical formative and summative evaluation of the Canadian Police College (CPC) academic programs in all delivery modalities and the services that support learning, impact academic delivery, and client satisfaction. This will ensure that all academic disciplines within the college continue to strive for the highest quality product as possible.



  1. The quality assurance directive will apply to the entire course file for each delivery which must include the following documentation:
    • Course Design Document (CDD) and Workshop Design Document (WDD)
    • Lesson Plans (LPs)
    • End-of-Course Report (ECR)
    • Level 1 Kirkpatrick end of course survey / end of workshop survey
    • All evaluation tools used with answer key(s) (i.e. quizzes, exams, presentations)

Procedures, roles and responsibilities

  1. Compliance with this directive is mandatory by all academic disciplines and teaching staff. The responsibilities include but not limited to:
    • Comply with the standardization of all commonly used forms
    • Comply with all directives associated with course delivery and closure
    • Ensure all required documentation is completed post-delivery of each course and/or workshop within a two week period and archived (see below)
    • Ensure traceability of all courses and workshops delivery documents for audit, appeal process, liability purposes if required; and
    • Comply and perform corrective actions as indicated in the audit review report within the specific time frame when in receipt of such a report.

Completed File

  1. The completed file must include and be completed within two weeks of course end date:
    1. Class roster
    2. Course syllabus and/or workshop agenda
    3. End-of-course report
    4. Attendance sign-in sheet
    5. List of certificates issued
    6. End of course surveys or end of workshop surveys; and
    7. Guest lecturer evaluation form (if applicable)

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