B01: Course fees


Policy #: B01
Responsible authority: Business Operations
Approval authority: Canadian Police College Director General
Approval date: 2019-08-07


This Directive outlines the process for how Canadian Police College fees are established and approved.


  1. The Director General of the Canadian Police College, under his authority established in the Treasury Board Policies and guidelines for cost recovery, has determined that fees will be set at:
    • 70% cost recovery from all Canadian Police
    • 100% cost recovery from Other Government Departments and Agencies (OGD)
    • 100% cost recovery for International Students
  2. Course fees will be assessed regularly by the CPC in conjunction with NPS Financial Management. The assessment of fees will be led by CPC and will consider key factors such as market conditions, enrollment, changes in costs, and other factors. Course fees will be updated as necessary

Procedures, roles and responsibilities

  1. In May of every calendar year, Financial Management will provide the CPC with:
    • An updated "On-Site Costs" spreadsheet containing the estimated delivery costs per student for each course; and
    • an updated "Off-Site Base Costs" spreadsheet containing the estimated delivery costs per student for each course
  2. CPC Business Operations is responsible for setting the fees based on:
    • the delivery location (On-Site or Off-Site)
    • participant type (Canadian Police, OGD, or International)
    • the slated level of cost recovery for that calendar year
  3. CPC Business Operations will provide the CPC program areas with the proposed "On-Site Prices" spreadsheet and "Off-Site Base Prices" spreadsheet
  4. The CPC program areas are responsible for determining whether the proposed prices fall under what can be reasonably charged for fair market value
  5. If the CPC program areas determine that a particular price cannot be borne by the market they will propose an alternate price and a supporting rationale
  6. The final proposed prices for the following calendar year must be recommended by the unit managers for each faculty, and approved by:
    • the Director of Business Operations
    • the OIC of Advanced Police Training
    • the Director of the Police Sciences School
    • the CPC DG

On-Site Courses

  1. By June 15 of every calendar year a copy of the approved "On-Site Prices" will be provided to the Registrar's office and forwarded to Communications for posting on the external CPC website

Off-Site Courses

  1. The program areas are responsible for negotiating via MOU the final Off-Site price of their course (see Directive B05- Off-Site Courses)


  1. If an error is discovered in the course cost or fee, this must be reported to CPC Business Operations as soon as possible
  2. CPC Business Operations is responsible for coordinating with the Registrar's Office, Financial Management, and the Program areas to resolve the issue

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