R01: Admission of international participants


Policy #: R01
Responsible authority: International Training
Approval authority: Canadian Police College Executive Director
Approval date: 2015-05-01


As a learning institute recognized for specialized & advance training in law enforcement and continued police professional development, the college will continue to work toward increasing the enrolment of International participants from around the world. The College commitment to International participants supports the strengthening of global police partnerships within the international police communities and contributes to success and excellence in police development.


  1. All College courses are open to International participants based upon their qualifications and the required course selection criteria.
  2. Course eligibility criteria for International applicants will be equivalent to that established for Canadian applicants as outlined in the Admission to CPC Courses Directive – R02.
  3. International applicants who wish to register for a course at the college must have their police service make the request to their local Canadian embassy. The request must be directed to the attention of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Liaison Officer. The Liaison Officer will forward the request to the CPC International Program Manager for consideration. The CPC does not accept requests directly from individuals.

Procedures, roles and responsibilities

  1. The Liaison Officer will ensure the applicant meets the Course Selection Criteria as outlined in each course description. The selection process for all applicants involves:
    • the determination of course eligibility; and,
    • applicant selection criteria for the course being considered.
  2. Applicants who do not meet the selection criteria may be assessed on an individual basis by the Liaison Officer.
  3. The applicant must be able to demonstrate proficiency in the language in which the course is being delivered.
  4. In exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the Program Director and/or the college's Director General, International applicants who cannot demonstrate a proficiency in the language in which the course is being delivered may be allowed to participate in the course as an observer.
  5. The Liaison Officer will send an authorized copy of the CPC Registration form (pdf format) along with any required document (i.e. pre-course test results, letter of support, etc.) to the CPC International Program Manager.
  6. Applications must be received 3 months before the course start date.
  7. The CPC International Program Manager will forward the approved application to the CPC Registrar.

Waiting Lists

  1. If the desired course is full, the Liaison officer will notify the applicant if a vacancy becomes available.

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