R02: Admission to CPC courses


Policy #: R02
Responsible authority: Registrar
Approval authority: Canadian Police College Executive Director
Approval date: 2015-05-01


The College's Admissions Directive is designed to govern admission to all CPC courses. It is recognized that applicants require certain aptitudes and skills appropriate to a program in order to be successful. Course selection criteria must be equitable, fair, open, and consistently applied.


  1. Applicants from a recognized Canadian Police Service / Law Enforcement Agency must contact their department's training officer. The CPC does not accept requests directly from individuals.

Procedures, roles and responsibilities

Admissions Process

  1. The training officer will ensure the applicant meets the course selection criteria as outlined in each course description. The selection process for all applicants involves:
    • confirmation that participant is either:
      • employed by a Canadian Police Service
      • employed by a Canadian Agency or other government department
      • employed by a police service outside Canada (International)
      • applicant selection criteria for the course being considered
      • applicants who would like to apply for the Travel grant should refer to the "Travel grant" Directive – B03.
  2. The applicant must be able to demonstrate proficiency in the language in which the course is being delivered.
  3. The training officer must complete all sections of the CPC Registration form (pdf format), have it authorized, and send it by Fax or E-mail - along with any required document (i.e. letter of support, etc.) - to the CPC Registrar.
    • Documents submitted in languages other than English or French must be submitted with a certified true translation.
  4. Applications must be received 3 months before the course start date.

Waiting Lists

  1. If the desired course is full, applicants may elect to be put on the waiting list. If a vacancy occurs after final admission offers have been sent out by the college the applicant will be notified by their departmental training coordinator.

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