About the CPC

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The Canadian Police College (CPC) provides advanced and specialized training and executive development to law enforcement officers from all jurisdictions to help them combat crime and increase Canadians’ safety since 1976.

Through its highly trained staff and subject-matter experts, the CPC offers a suite of over 60 advanced and specialized courses and workshops in investigative techniques, technological crime, forensic identification, explosives disposal/investigations, police executive development and professional development for Aboriginal policing.

Through its partnerships, advisory board and design-team capabilities, the CPC continually develops new courses (protected by copyright) based on needs and trends. The CPC is a centre of integration: it is one of the few permanent Canadian learning institutions that bring police officers face-to-face from across Canada and around the world. Participants have an unparalleled opportunity to share best practices, network and develop mentoring and working relationships with law enforcement officers from many jurisdictions. The CPC is a national police service of the RCMP


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The vision of the CPC is to be the leader in the advanced and specialized training and executive development of the Canadian police community by establishing and advancing, in partnership with our clients, national standards of excellence in police education and leadership training.


  • To treat each other and our clients with respect and dignity.
  • To continuously strive for excellence in service delivery.
  • To encourage open communication among all segments of the College.
  • To value the professionalism of our employees through empowerment.


The mandate of the CPC is to develop police leadership and management competencies, and provide advanced and specialized training in law enforcement to the police community, particularly in the areas of organized and multi-jurisdictional crime.