Cancellation Policy

Once registered at the Canadian Police College (CPC), a candidate may withdraw from a course without penalty on the condition that the candidate fax or e-mail a cancellation notice to the CPC at least fifteen (15) calendar days before the course starts.
  • 50% of the full tuition is payable if a position is cancelled between seven (7) to fourteen (14) calendar days of the course start date;
  • 100% of the tuition plus applicable meal plan fees for one week is payable if a position is cancelled less than seven (7) days before the course start date, or if the candidate fails to appear on course.

Replacement option:

A replacement candidate will be considered for organizations sending a late cancellation notice provided that they fax or e-mail a newly completed 2706 Registration Form to the CPC and that the replacement candidate meets all the prerequisites and forwards all supporting documentation for his candidacy at least three (3) working days before the course starts.
Incomplete forms will not be considered.
Once the registration form is approved by the CPC, "Confirmation of Registration" documents will be sent by e-mail to the training coordinator as well as the candidate at the office address as indicated in section A of form 2706.