Canadian Internet Child Exploitation (CICEC)

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This ten-day course is for investigators who are assigned to investigate Internet-related child sexual exploitation offences. It provides them with the knowledge, tools and resources required to apply Canadian law to successfully investigate and prosecute online offences related to the online sexual exploitation of children. Participants will explore traditional investigative techniques as well as the Internet as an investigative tool to gather evidence. 

Selection Criteria

This course is open to potential participants who:
  • are currently working full-time on child internet exploitation investigations; or
  • are sanctioned to investigate child exploitation crimes;
  • have successfully completed the Digital Technologies for Investigators Course (DTIC).

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • describe the role, responsibilities and services provided by the National Child Exploitation Co-ordination Centre (NCECC);
  • identify a child exploitation related offence;
  • prepare all required documentation in support of an Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) search warrant;
  • evaluate images and videos for evidence of child pornography; 
  • gather evidence using online tools and traditional investigative techniques;
  • prepare to interview suspected pedophiles;
  • execute a child exploitation crime search warrant;
  • identify best practices to use when communicating with the media regarding child exploitation investigations;
  • demonstrate their ability to testify in court;
  • describe how to input case data into appropriate databases;
  • describe advanced ICE investigative techniques; and
  • identify the psychological impact that working on ICE investigations may have on their colleagues, themselves, and their families.


  • Introduction to the National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre (NCECC)
  • Executing an ICE search warrant
  • Identification of the offence
  • Managing the media
  • Writing search warrants related to child exploitation
  • Testifying
  • Classification of child porn images
  • Post conviction / guilty plea
  • Gathering evidence
  • Advanced techniques
  • Basics of computer technology
  • Effects of the job
  • Interviewing strategies


Success in the course is contingent on participation and completion of all required assignments.  Participants will be evaluated through a series of evaluation methods such as:
  • preparation of search warrant documentation
  • course long scenario
  • written exam
The re-testing or re-evaluation of a participant will be left to the discretion of the course coordinator.


CPC Ottawa

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CPC Registrar - 613-993-6033 or

Course Fees

The fees shown here are for 2017 and 2018. Please also note that the costs for accommodation and meals apply only to courses taking place in Ottawa.

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(12 days)

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Canadian Police 10 $1,650.00 $900.00 $743.88 $3,293.88
Canadian Agencies $3,275.00 $900.00 $743.88 $4,918.88
International $3,275.00 $900.00 $743.88 $4,918.88