CPC Hosts International Masterclass on Policing in the context of Security Sector Reform


Ottawa, October 6, 2017 – The Canadian Police College (CPC) recently concluded an annual international Masterclass program on policing in the context of security sector reform (SSR). Formally named the “Senior Strategic Adviser's Masterclass on Police Reform In an International and Security Sector Reform Context”, the program hosted twenty-two senior police professionals representing nine countries.

Participants took part in a two-week intensive, interactive program designed to enhance the effectiveness of senior police officials to act as advisors to initiatives in post-conflict environments or in transitional, organisational development contexts. As public safety and security extend beyond national boundaries, the Masterclass focuses on bringing policing professionals together to enhance leadership skills in police reform, further extending the contribution to greater public safety and security.

“Many senior police officers possess a richness of police command experience but our role as senior police advisers in the context of SSR differs tremendously from our domestic assignments,” said RCMP Assistant Commissioner Barbara Fleury, Executive Director of the CPC and Centre of Excellence in Police Leadership. “The Masterclass allows us an opportunity to become more informed in our capacity as police leaders when called upon to fulfill our international obligations.”

Since its inception in 2010, each partner country takes a turn to host the Masterclass program. This is the first year it has been held in North America with senior police executives coming from Norway, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Australia, and France, including speakers from South Africa, Europe and Australia.

“Each Masterclass is unique as we tailor and design the sessions based on the composition of the participants,” said Supt. Doug Ross, Course Director of the Masterclass program at the CPC. “Bringing together senior and experienced international law enforcement experts has enormous value to Canada and internationally. Participants were actively engaged in sharing their experiences, discussing case studies as well as learning about linkages and differences that exist between us.”

Over the years the program has continued to grow, building partnerships and relationships beyond national boundaries and within international law enforcement. Next year’s Masterclass will be held in the United Kingdom and will continue to offer opportunities that allow senior police professionals to share their experiences in an SRR context.