Participants from Canadian Police Services

Download the Registration FormIf you are from a recognized Canadian police service and would like to attend a Canadian Police College (CPC) course, please contact your police service/agency/government department’s training officer who will process the application. Please note that the CPC does not accept requests directly from individual police officers.
To register for a course, you must meet the Course Selection Criteria as outlined in each course description, and your training officer must complete all sections of the CPC Registration form (PDF - 969kb), have it authorized, and send it by Fax or E-mail - along with any required document (i.e. pre-course test results, letter of support, etc) - to the CPC Registrar.
Please submit completed form to CPC Registrar by:
FAX: (613) 993-9454
For more questions, please dial: (613) 993-6033

Participants from Canadian Government Agencies (Federal, Provincial and Municipal) and Accredited Private-Sector Agencies with an Investigative Mandate

Although the majority of Canadian Police College (CPC) participants work at a police service, there are a few courses that apply to people who work for Canadian agencies and/or other government departments. Please note that the CPC only accepts requests from the agency/government department’s training officer - not from individual employees.
If your agency has not attended a particular course in the past, please have your training officer send a written request to the attention of the CPC Registrar, in order to determine if you and your agency or government department meet the selection criteria.
The letter should be written on your agency or government department’s official letterhead and include the following information:
  • the purpose of your agency or department
  • the type of work that you do
  • how does the work you do relate to police services
  • the name of the course you are interested in
  • the name of the main contact person within your organization for any future correspondence (include the phone and fax numbers, and an e-mail address).
CPC Registration form (PDF - 969kb) and a FIS form (PDF - 17kb) [Government of Canada only] will be required.

Participants from Foreign Countries

If you are from a police service outside Canada and wish to register for a course at the Canadian Police College (CPC), please have your police service make the request to the Canadian embassy in your country or nearest to your country. The request must be directed to the attention of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Liaison Officer. The Liaison Officer will forward the request through the RCMP’s International Training Branch for consideration by the Canadian Police College.
If a position is available and you meet the Course Selection Criteria, your registration will be accepted. However, please note that members of Canadian police services are given priority to attend CPC courses. As such, your request may need to be placed on a wait-list. If this happens, you may be offered the opportunity to replace an international participant who has cancelled a position on a course, or your request may be considered for a future course date.
For further information, please contact the Registrar at the CPC.
Help on accessing alternative formats, such as Portable Document Format (PDF), can be obtained in the alternate format section of the Help page.